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10 Best Signs of True Love Boyfriends/Girlfriends (Don’t Talk About!)  

There are signs of true love that are not talked about enough by boyfriends and girlfriends but in this blog post, you’ll find out what they are.

We’ve all been in love, but what signs can we really look for that tell if it is true love or not?

Let’s be honest, at the best of times it feels like It’s a guessing game, we’re trying to figure out the signs of true love that we think are there from fleeting feelings we get. 

The thing is, signs of true love don’t always have to be grand gestures or words, they can be something as simple as a look that says more than any words could ever express. 

Let’s explore some signs of true love that can help you decide if the feelings you’re feeling are real or perhaps not. 

signs of true love

Signs of True Love

Put it this way, by the end of this post, you’ll know exactly what you need to know and the signs to look for when trying to determine the truth behind whether this love you are experiencing could be the anticipated signs of true love or whether they are just signs of what you might want them to be. 

Comfortable Silence

A comfortable silence in a relationship is one of the signs of true love that isn’t mentioned enough, it doesn’t mean ignoring each other it’s the kind of silence that is enjoyed between two people who feel comfortable being with each other and they know they don’t need to fill the silent space with words.

This kind of bond between each person is extremely important in any relationship, it shows trust and an understanding that doesn’t need to be expressed in words. 

You don’t need to fidget or say things that show you just want to say something to fill the silence you might be feeling at the time. 

Examples of comfortable silence 


This is one of the signs of true love, as you would expect that indicates a deep level of admiration for one another. You both respect the other person’s feelings, decisions, and boundaries in the relationship.

Examples of respect

Unconditional Support

True love is something that just shouldn’t come with any conditions, it’s something you give to the other person willingly.

It’s a way you give unconditional support and place sincere understanding in things or situations that are needed.

Examples of Unconditional Support

Emotional support

This would be listening to your partner and ensuring you are there to offer them encouragement as well as allowing them the opportunity to express their feelings and emotions freely without you judging them.

Examples of emotional support

Physical Support

This could be helping out with the small and bigger things your partner needs to do.

Examples of Physical support

Financial Support

This could be spending money you have in excess by helping out in other financial ways.

Examples of Financial Support

Spiritual Support

This could be seeking divine intervention in ways that are best and new to you both.   

Examples of Spiritual Support

Dedicated Loyalty

True love involves loyalty and dedication to your partner, and that means you stay committed to them even in times of challenges, difficulty, or when they are long distance from you. 

Examples of Dedicated Support


This involves being up to the task of putting the needs of your partner before your own.

Examples of Selflessness

Sharing Laughter

When you truly love someone, you’ll know you’ve found true love when you can share moments of joy and laughter, even during difficult times.

Examples of Sharing Laughter


When you truly love someone, you feel a deep emotional and physical connection with them. you are naturally drawn to them in so many ways, and that makes it easier to open up and be intimate with one another. 

There’s nothing about yourself you can’t discuss with them and when you do, you realize they understand and accept you completely as you are.

Examples of Intimacy

Consistent Efforts to Show Care

Caring is a perfect example of one of the signs of true love, you can spot it easily because you’ll keep saying it to yourself. it’s when someone makes a consistent effort to show you how much they care.

Examples of Consistent Care

Acceptance Is a Sign of True Love

Acceptance means so much in a relationship of true love, it’s when you accept them for who they are – faults and all. You don’t try to change them or make them become something different. 

We are all made beautifully and perfectly in our own ways, so when you truly love someone, it means that you embrace who they are and the quirks that come with them.

Examples of Acceptance

They Trust You and Are Trustworthy

Trust is such an obvious sign of true love, when you don’t have to worry about your partner’s loyalty or their words, you know it is real.

When you start to trust someone, it means that you have faith in them and the commitment they have made choosing to be with you.

Examples of Trust in signs of true love

8 Signs Of True Love Video

This video shares the visual 8 signs of true love


From here you should recognize the signs of true love are more than just a feeling, it’s a series of actions and behaviors that show someone truly cares for you. 

So if you find yourself recognizing these signs, you can be confident in the love that you sense. 

Always remember, love is a journey, not a destination, and it takes effort and commitment to make it last.

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