How To Say Sorry To Your Boyfriend Through Text ( 10 To My Love Examples!)

how to say sorry to your boyfriend through text

Have you ever wondered how to say sorry to your boyfriend through text in ways that will make him love you again and immediately see, how sincere you are? 

It could be for hurting him, being late, not giving him enough attention or any other issue that could cause him to get upset with you.

It can be hard to express your feelings for making him feel terrible when you’re not face-to-face with the person you love. And that’s because It’s easy to sound cold and disconnected in a text message, which could make the person feel worse. 

But, if you express your apology the right way, it will show him that you care and are willing to work towards making things better between the two of you. 

Below you’ll find the best fixes for how to apologize through text. 

how to say sorry to your boyfriend through text

I’m so sorry for hurting you my love, I want you to know that I never meant to do anything to make you feel that way. I care deeply about our relationship and want us to move forward to a better place as long as you feel comfortable doing that. Please forgive me. I love you.

How To Say Sorry To Your Boyfriend Through Text

how to say sorry to your boyfriend through text

These are 10 best fixes for how to apologize through text to your boyfriend

Send Him An Apology Letter Text

Writing an apology letter to your boyfriend can be a great way to express yourself as it gives you the chance to really explain why you’re sorry and how much you regret what happened. 

It also conveys that you are taking responsibility for your actions and that he means something special to you.

An example of a text letter to your boyfriend could be: 

Dear Baby, 

I want to start by saying that I’m sorry for what happened between us recently. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings and I regret it deeply if I did. 

You have always been so caring and respectful to me from the first day we met. 

And for this alone, you didn’t deserve my bad behavior towards you. 

Please forgive me and give me a chance to make it up to you. 

I love you and I’m deeply sorry for what I did. 

(Your Name) 

Love and Hugs

Use the Right Words With Your Boyfriend

When writing a text apology to your boyfriend, it’s important to choose your words carefully. You should express your feelings as honestly as possible, but in a way that won’t make him feel worse or even more upset about the situation. 

Avoid using words like “if” or “maybe” because this could make him feel as if you’re not taking responsibility for your actions. 

Another important point to consider is to avoid using any negative language in your apology. 

Even though it may be difficult, try and use positive words that will help the situation turn around for the better sooner. Saying sorry through text should be simple but meaningful:

For example, you could say “I’m sorry for the way I acted and I regret my actions. Please forgive me” instead of ” I’m sorry (flatly) if I hurt you”.

how to say sorry to your boyfriend through text

Be Specific and Honest With your Boyfriend

When apologizing through text, it’s important to be specific about what you’re apologizing for. Let him know exactly what your sorry and apologizing about.

This will ensure that your boyfriend understands exactly why you’re sorry and why the apology is necessary. 

You don’t want to beat around the bush when expressing your feelings, so make sure you’re clear and honest with him.

For example, you could say “I’m sorry for not respecting your feelings when I said something you found insensitive” instead of simply saying “I’m sorry”.

Stay Positive When Apologizing To Your Boyfriend

When apologizing through text, it’s important to remain positive throughout your message. 

You don’t want to come across as being defensive or angry, otherwise your apology will be weak to him and not hold water. 

You should Include positive words such as “I understand” or “I’m here for you,” so that your boyfriend knows you’re sincere in wanting to make things cool between the two of you again. 

how to say sorry to your boyfriend through text

Try Sending A Voice Message to Back up Your Text Apology

Writing an apology through text can be very laid back and can come off as insincere as we can all testify to at times with some  messages.

So, to show your boyfriend that you mean what you say, record a voice message and send it to him alongside the text . 

This is to help show him how much you feel sorry and remorse for what’s happened between the two of you.

When he hears your voice, it will be easier for him to trust that your apology is genuine. 

You don’t have to be dramatic, just  speak calmly and have your sincerity shine through. 

Show Him You’re Listening

When apologizing to your boyfriend, it’s important to show that you are listening to him and understand his feelings. 

When you send him the text, he may have things to say to you by texting back about what happened, or why he is feeling so hurt. 

Take the time to hear him out by listening to him without trying to interrupt what he’s texting, so that he knows you are listening to him. 

This will help build his trust in forgiving you,  as well as show him you really care about his feelings.

how to say sorry to your boyfriend through text

Talk Abour Your Commitment and Appreciation

Let your boyfriend know in your apology, how committed you are to the relationship and how much you appreciate him.

Tell him that you don’t take your relationship for granted and that it’s a priority to you. 

When you explain to him how much you’re committed to what you share as a couple and remind him of how much you care, he’ll be more likely to forgive you. 

Suggest Fun Ways To Avoid Repeat Incidents 

Instead of just apologizing for upsetting him, offer your boyfriend suggestions on what you can both do to avoid the same thing happening again . 

Try coming up with creative solutions that can help improve the situation and make things right between the two of you if you sense something similar starting to happen. 

This could include going on a romantic date, taking a weekend trip together or simply spending more quality time together. 

By doing this, you are showing your boyfriend that you are willing to go the extra mile to make things better between the two of you.

Give Him Space And Time

After sending your apology text message , give your boyfriend some space and time to process his feelings. 

Apologizing to him is an important step in solving the problem, but it is equally important to be patient and allow him to come to terms with the situation you’ve created with him.

It shows him that you respect whatever he decides and gives him the time he needs for getting over the hurt. 

Healing allows for understanding and growth in the relationship, so it’s important to give him this space.

Give Your Boyfriend A Gift 

If you’re really looking for a special way to express your remorse and gratitude for his understanding, after you’ve made up, consider giving him a gift. 

It doesn’t have to be anything expensive or fancy; it could be something small that shows  him how much he means to you. 

Examples of gifts could include his favorite chocolates, a bouquet of flowers, a sentimental item he loves, or even just a handwritten love message telling him how much you appreciate him. 

Making an effort to give your boyfriend something that shows you appreciate him will show him that you’re sincere in your apology and that you value the relationship. 


If you follow these tips on how to say sorry to your boyfriend through text they will help in some way towards fixing a problem between both of you, you shouldn’t leave to drag for too long.

Apologizing itself isn’t easy, and can be especially tricky when it’s done via text. 

But, if you take the time to craft a thoughtful and sincere apology, show empathy for your boyfriend’s feelings, give him space and time to process his emotions, and offer a thoughtful gift as an appreciation for his understanding, then both of you will have taken a major step towards mending your relationship. 

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